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This program option explains what sexual harassment is, as well as what sexual harassment is not, and contrasts conduct that is illegal versus conduct that, while not illegal, is against company policy. This program covers reporting procedures, retaliation, and all other related topics required by state law, thus fulfilling the requirement to train all areas of employees and management.

PLUS:  Supervisors and managers are your first line of defense, but they can also become a potential liability. As covered in the main training programs, superiors typically display model behavior, but they must know how to act – and how not to act – when confronted with a situation involving improper workplace conduct. A supervisor who fails to act appropriately or mishandles a situation can result in a liability to your company. In addition to topics covered in the employee training programs, our supervisor and manager training teaches the best practices for how to deal with these issues, and others alike.

The Manager Supplement teaches best practices for managers

Satisfies New York State and New York City Training Requirements

For more than 1000 employees, call for pricing

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